What are all the possible career paths one could take?

Well the nice thing is that in Star Citizen you can switch “careers” regularly as there is very little barrier to entry. One limitation for criminal occupations, however, is that they will earn you a negative reputation and it may take some effort to “reform” your character if you want to go legit.


  • Mining (Mineral and Fuel)
  • Salvaging
  • Research
  • Pioneer (exploration)
  • Fighter/Bomber pilot on a carrier
  • Capital ship roles (pilot, captain, engineer, gunner, crewman, science officer, etc)
  • Civilian pilot (multicrew ships)
  • Smuggler
  • Pirate
  • “Hacker” – you can use a Drake Herald to intercept communications and steal information.
  • Businessman (run your own empire by purchasing manufacturing nodes and arranging shipments)
  • Hauler/trader/merchant
  • Mechanic/repair specialist
  • System modification specialist (find the right ways to tweak ship systems to extract the best performance; sell tweaked weapons that work better than stock)
  • Bounty hunter
  • Mercenary
  • Police (can work missions for police forces)
  • Marine/Soldier/Boarding specialist (specializes in FPS gameplay)
  • Medic/paramedic
  • Passenger Transport (some options here include VIP transport in an Origin 890 Jump or mass transport in a Genesis Starliner)
  • Racer
  • eSports participant in some of the in-game simulations (SATABall, Star Marine, Arena Commander)
  • Spy (espionage between organizations)
  • Organization careers such as leader, recruiter, organizer, general, etc.

And more that I’m not thinking of at this moment.

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  1. This game is going to be one of the best created 🙂

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