Star Citizen mission protocol

What should people take with them into battle or a long journey?

You got the crew, you got the ship, but your still not quite sure what everyone’s load-out should be. The best setup is to be well rounded. For example your ship lands on a planet and not sure what to expect, you should have security guarding your ship and cargo, scout and sniper, riflemen, and ordnance weapons if you can get them. It’s obviously up to the players, but best setup is mostly to be well rounded that way you have a little bit of everything. There’s going to be those times where a shootout and your the one that wants to have more firepower. Guns aren’t everything you should bring. Let’s get to the more economical and exploring path. Fuel, cargo space, medical supplies, ammo, parts to make repairs are going to be beneficial. You might not need them right away, but trust me you will want them in case something goes down.

What’s important on a ship to have for the crew and what roles are most helpful?

First we’re going to start off with equipment for any multiple crew member ships, then I’ll get to the roles after this. The most important thing when you own any medium- large ship is to get familiar where everything is located and ask yourself if you ever get attacked in your ship by a boarding party, where is the best place going to be for setting up defense? Cargo holds and small openings that you can put items in is very clever if you want to spread defensive equipment around your ship so you can have access to them. For example if a boarding party enters through the top of your ship in the middle and half your crew is in the bridge and the other half is in the cargo bay it’s good to have weapons, shields, medical supplies in areas which is most convienent.

What about weapons?

For defending purposes you don’t necessarily want the most powerful guns…. Well because after all it’s your own ship. I would say standard rifles, one or two shotguns, and pistols. If you can get weapons that have attachments that’s always a plus as well. Now getting to the roles, so you want to cover as much career paths so your crew can do multiple things while exploring or whatever you’re trying to go for. Couple careers that are always a must on a medium- large ship is Medic/Doctor, Scientists, security/Marines, engineers/repairs. That way if anything goes wrong while your in the middle of nowhere you have some training on those specific areas.


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