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You are viewing on a Whiteboard Sales Video Reseller site.

This business is turnkey and doesn’t require any experience or maintenance on the owner’s behalf. Video creation is fully outsourced to professional suppliers.


What are Whiteboard Sales Videos?
Whiteboard sales videos aka Doodle videos are a fresh way of pitching sales. Those videos feature an artist drawing pictures and texts on a whiteboard. They engage visitors to browse through site, catching their attention with a nice animation and voiceover (optional).

Who are Whiteboard Sales Videos for?
Small businesses, Internet marketers and webmasters who want to easily get visitors attention in a modern, eye-catching way.

There are millions of new businesses and marketers starting every day. If they don’t buy it from you, they will from someone else!

Why Should You Buy It?
This business can make you a few thousand dollars a month with very little work involved. This is a great opportunity to set up a passive income stream. Whether you want to quit your 9-5 or just make an extra dollar here and there, this is the service for you.

Getting as little as 2 clients per week is up to several tousands dollars per month. The potential is unlimited.
WhiteboardMania.com is the hottest services to offer at this time – anyone with a business is your potential client!

What will you get:

Built-in Premium WordPress Theme – Exquisite, professional design with clear, easy-to-go-through theme for maximum conversion – great looking and easy to maintain

High Conversion Pricing Tables

Little to none work involved

Up to 90% ROIA

Very Profitable Business With Minimal Effort

100% outsourced and automated service – no experience required!

List of reliable suppliers – they will do all the work for you!

Powerful Start Guide for running your business

Fully setup and operational service

No maintenance required – everything is fully automated

100% Paypal integration

Great customer support 

How Much Can I Make?

You can easily make up to $2,000 per week in your spare time by making just 3 sales per week.
The packages range in price from $297-$997 per video. Your cost for those packages is minimal.

Example profit details:
Silver Package
Supplier cost: $25
Sale Price = $297
Your Profit = $272


Every aspect of the sale is made automaticly:
1) You get instant PAYPAL payment once a purchase has been made, ALONG with a email message from buyer with order description (everything is fully automated, you DON’T NEED TO contact the buyer!)
2) You contact the supplier provided to you in a guide and forward him the order email.
3) The supplier get’s everything done for you and let’s you know when the task is completed
4) You email the happy customer and KEEP HUGE PROFIT!

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Whiteboard Video Business

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