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This Website  is a Voice Over reseller Turnkey website that doesn’t require any experience or maintenance on the owner’s behalf. All VoiceOvers are outsourced to professional, native speaking Voiceover actors.

What are Voice Over Services?

Voice Over services are used for commercial and business marketing purposes, usually as an overlay on a marketing video. These services are provided by native speakers from UK, USA and Australia, who read from a script amd record an audio track usable in videos, radio commercials and website background sounds. These services are in high demand as the internet and radio are demanding more quality voice overs created by professional actors.

You can see an example voice over with video animation here: http://youtu.be/-oWkOJlNZ94

Who buys Voice Over services?

Small businesses, marketers, SEO webmasters, social media marketers, affiliate marketers, and other businesses who need to communicate their message in a more appealing and intriguing way.

There is HUGE DEMAND for This Service and It’s Growing Every Day!

Making Potential of $1500++/Week!!!

If you don’t offer those services to your potential customers, someone else will!

What will you get:

Built-in Premium WordPress Theme – Exquisite, professional design with clear, easy-to-go-through theme for maximum conversion – great looking and easy to maintain

High Conversion Pricing Tables
100% outsourced and automated service – no experience required!
List of reliable suppliers for each service – they will do all the work for you!
Powerful Start Guide for running your business
Fully setup and operational service
No maintenance required – everything is fully automated
100% Paypal integration
Great customer support – 


Every aspect of the sale is made automaticly:

1) You get instant PAYPAL payment once a purchase has been made, ALONG with a email message from buyer with order description/script (everything is fully automated, you DON’T NEED TO contact the buyer!)

2) You contact the supplier provided to you in a guide and forward him the order email.

3) The supplier get’s everything done for you and let’s you know when the task is completed

4) You email the happy customer and KEEP HUGE PROFIT!

This business model is 100% white label and can by used by both experienced and completelly unexperienced resellers!


You will make your money back in just few sales!

Profit Details:

Each package contains 60 seconds of VoiceOver and costs $29. Your cost of such package is only $5.

Example profit for 10 minutes of voiceover:

Sale price: $290

Supplier Costs: $50

Your Profit: $240


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VoiceOver Marketing Business

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