About Us

Income generating niche websites

Free Niche Websites has been delivering unique blog content since July 2011, when we started off as a humble homepage offering 12 basic turnkey websites. Since then we've grown to include premium niche websites, in addition to some of our free niches which we now release on a monthly basis.

But our website is more than just digital products. When we transitioned to an e-commerce platform, we kept our original blog content and will continue to update and interact with our users from there. We even offer a free help service for those needing assistance in the installation of their blog content. Basically, we enjoy the opportunities this industry presents, and we don't want to let any technical issues get in the way of your success.

We limit the number of niche websites we sell to 50 downloads

And while we're speaking of success, we want to make it clear that you only get what you put in. We're fully aware that search engines such as Bing and Google want unique content, so we encourage you to put your own finishing touches to any content you purchase from us. While it's exciting to see your website go up in an instant and place your AdSense or affiliate links therein, we don't want you to set and completely forget. You should be using the window of opportunity to work on your blog before submitting it for indexation.

The good news is you have tools, scripts and plugins to automate many of the processes, so creating niche websites isn't supposed to be something that's a full-time job! Conversely, it's a method to earn passive income with minimal effort, and the reason it's so popular is that there are few barriers to entry.

How can I make this work?

Let's say you want to purchase a hotel search engine website from us. That has huge potential, but what if you niched your hotel booking website to the Anaheim area by creating a few dedicated landing pages with pre-loaded hotel suggestions? Well, if you can think like this, you're definitely on the right track. There's no limit to how deep you want to place your niche. You might want to focus this type of website on mid-range, three star properties, for example.

Anyway, we hope we've given you a little inspiration for your next niche website. Don't forget, you can visit our blog anytime if you want to post any questions. We'd love to hear from you!