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Morning Sickness : Causes and Cures

Morning sickness is often the first sign of pregnancy, as it can start as early as 2 weeks after conception.... 

How to Control and Treat Acne During Pregnancy

The period during pregnancy is considered to be the most pleasant moment in any woman’s life, as it... 

Fertility Test: One Effective Way to Ensure Pregnancy

From the early generations up to the contemporary times, infertility is a problem that continuously presses... 

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How Can You Lose Weight After Pregnancy

On average, a woman gains between 25 and 35 pounds during her pregnancy. During and labor and immediately... 

Healthy Pregnancy Tip: Supplements To Avoid

Prenatal vitamins are an important source of folate and other vital nutrients during pregnancy. And many... 

Breastfeeding – How Important Is It?

Years ago, perhaps when you were a child, breastfeeding was not very popular. Breastfeeding was not encouraged... 

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Pregnancy Naturally

A rush of emotions. A little stick. Will it be pink! Or blue? Who should you tell first? What do you do now? Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience that is full of excitement and love and anxiety and tension. There are a lot of decisions to be made and you must face the realization (whether it’s your first or your 12th) that life will never be the... [Read more of this review]

Pregnancy Massage Therapy

The modern mum-to-be is a stressed out individual, having to cater to increasing pressures of a fast paced society and work place. Yet at the same time, she knows that her wellness is crucial especially during her pregnancy if she wants a smooth delivery process and the birth of a healthy happy baby. This increased awareness has led to the search for... [Read more of this review]

How Pregnancy Pillows Can Save Your Back!

Someone that has not been pregnant will never understand the discomfort it sometimes brings. Because the extra weight your body is carrying and the disproportionate manner it is situated, areas of your back, hips, legs, and feet often feel incredible pain and discomfort. However, pregnancy pillows can be used to ease the pain and support the extra weight.... [Read more of this review]

Five Tips For Unplanned Pregnancies

Pregnancy is often a pleasant surprise. Of course, there are times that pregnancy can come as a shock. Although most unplanned pregnancies are still pleasant surprises, it doesn’t make the situation much easier. There are steps you can take to make an unplanned pregnancy a pleasant experience. First, speak with a friend or family member you can... [Read more of this review]

Exercise and Pregnancy

Before obstetricians and gynecologists decide which dose of which drug can best treat a condition without putting any harmful side effects on the mother and the baby, they consider the patient’s age, general health, the number of months before delivery, tolerance for medications, and any other drugs the pregnant patient may be taking. Prescribing... [Read more of this review]

Enjoy Your 2nd Trimester!

Congratulations! Your pregnancy now comes to the second trimester, which is within weeks 13 through 27. Your morning sickness has faded away gradually by now. This means, you should be feeling better than before. It’s actually the stage when you experience the most enjoying moment with your pregnancy. You’ll feel energetic and full of vitality.... [Read more of this review]

Discussions about Birth Control

Birth Control is a controversial issue no matter how looked at, as it is the taking of one or more extra precautions, devices, or most popularly medications that are followed in order to purposely prevent or reduce the likelihood of pregnancy after sexual intercourse. The major controversy here lies I think in the underlying issue of abstinence over... [Read more of this review]

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