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Fully automated & AdSense friendly news website

After a bit of experimentation to ensure AdSense compliance, I’ve just added a news feed niche website to the premium samples list. The website uses automated scripts (cron jobs) to grab the first paragraph or two from various RSS feeds of well known news sources, such as CNN, BBC, Fox News, Sky News, etc. You can add or edit other RSS feeds to niche your news website to your target market.

News niche website
Screen shot taken from newsbrief.com.au

In fact you aren’t limited to just well known news sources. You might want to choose RSS feeds available from celebrity gossip sites, science journals, or from your local online news agency.

Here’s an example of an RSS feed that your website can read: http://rss.cnn.com/rss/edition.rss

Your news website is also categorised into many different interests, such as business, entertainment, sport, world news, etc. Currently these categories are not editable, but the feeds you choose to display in them are. Further, the template you receive with the website kit is already populated with all the feeds you need to have comprehensive news content  displayed within 24 hours of installation. And it continues to update every hour! You can also add your own news stories and images manually, if you desire. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for Google to index all of your pages  – there will be a lot of them – so choose your website host accordingly.

Watch the number of pages being indexed by Google here.

To monetize, simply place your AdSense code, or any other advertisements using raw HTML, in the admin panel. It’s worth noting, in order to comply with AdSense terms, there are no more than three ad placements on a single page. Pages that display a single article have only two ads due to the smaller content.

See the news website in action at newsbrief.com.au.